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If we could find a way of making new clothes from non-rewearable clothing and textiles, rather than from virgin resources, why wouldn’t we?

The challenge.

Every year, we’re producing over 55 million tonnes of new polyester and cotton to make our clothing and textiles. At the same time, over 50 million tonnes of textiles go to landfill or incineration – we’re throwing away almost as much as we’re making!

Polyester (made from oil) and cotton (which requires vast amounts of water, land and pesticides to produce) are the two most widely used raw materials in our clothing. Demand for these two fibres is set to increase to 63% by 2030 due to a rising global population. In the near future, there’s going to be a huge fight for resources, like land and water, needed to produce our clothing. New solutions to tackle these challenges are needed. Now.


Worn Again has developed a trail-blazing textile to textile recycling technology that can separate and recapture polyester (PET) and cotton from discarded, low-value clothing to produce virgin-equivalent, cost competitive polyester and cellulosic raw materials to go back into the supply chain as part of a continual process. What’s unique to our process is that we can not only take in pure and blended polyester and cotton textiles but we can also produce two pure outputs, a clear economic advantage.



Circular textiles.

Once our developments are complete, our licensed plant operators will source non-rewearable textiles from end of use textile collectors (charities, private companies and waste management services) and clothing manufacturers with excess textiles waste generated during production. That’s when the magic happens.

Textiles will be processed via Worn Again’s process, made back into new fibre, fabric, and clothes all over again by the existing supply chain. The cycle can repeat again and again, eliminating the need to exploit virgin resources. Simple.

History. People. Partners.

Worn Again works with a broad range of brands, development partners and networks across the global textile industry to achieve a shared goal of creating circular supply chains for textiles. We look forward to announcing new partners soon.

Meet the Worn Again team.

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